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June AGM 2014

The BICI AGM is on Sunday May 31st at 2pm, Kennedy Farm, Robert Street, Russell Island.. All welcome.workshop(1)

Workshop June 28

Bay Islands Conservation Inc. held a symposium for all who wished to submit their concerns and wishes towards the development of infra-structure and Tourism incentives for SMBI. Both Frank Pearce and Leo Newlands (R.C.C.) were very instrumental in encouraging Islanders to put forward their opinions. We found there to be a lot of enthusiasm regarding Heritage Trails across all the Islands creating adventure tours with cycling and kayaking. We also spoke of an annual “Cycle for Life” day, which included the need for off road pedestrian pathways.
In regard to our wonderful environment concerning both land and water-ways there is high interest in the preservation and conservation of our ecology, environment and history. We encourage this interest as a benefit to Community. We have incorporated Seq Catchments, Sea World Research and Rescue in conjunction with Tangaroa Blue, and Indigiscapes to keep us informed as to what we can do as a group for the future of our Islands and we thank every-one who attended.


Whistling Kite Eco Trail

Our wetlands on Russell Island have high conservation value but are suffering a number of threats.  They deserve better protection and we are in the process of establishing walking tracks to reduce impacts from storm water and erosion.  The tracks will also increase access to enable better weed, feral animal and litter control, while also showcasing the natural wonders of the Southern Bay Islands largest permanent freshwater habitat.

Redland City Council has the Project Proposal for the Whistling Kite Eco Trails, which has taken many years to formulate.

Council has shown green light to a track in Whistling Kite. The track is now in the maintenance stage.