Clean UP


Clean up day

Clean up day

Clean Up Our Island РRussell Island State School Р2014! !! The Clean Up Our Island days held at the Russell Island State School have been very successful in spreading the word through our children on the importance of putting rubbish in the appropriate places, such as recycling bins and refuse bins. ! !

Bunnings, Victoria Point, has been sponsoring Bay Islands Conservation by providing water bottles to each and every one of the children who participate in the Clean Ups.

Sea World Research and Rescue has provided us with data sheets which we duly fill in and send to them to help with their recording of marine debris ! !

The dates of coming Clean Ups are:

Monday July 21st! –¬†Monday August 18th!

Monday September 15th ! –¬†Monday October 27th and !

Monday November 17th, 2014! !

All the parents, volunteers and Teachers are to be thanked for their responsibility in co-ordinating and helping with looking after the children who walk around the near vicinity of the State School recording the refuse we find ! !

Hopefully we will be arranging for the older classes to make an excursion to Sandy Beach to record data found along our foreshores as well ! !

This will be a continuing exercise as long as we have the interest of the Community.